Who We Are

Dexterity Radio is the new African news and information media platform, unique in its concept and vision. Dexterity Radio is striving to deliver factually-correct information in a non-superficial format.

Uninfluenced by political interests; Dexterity Radio team comprises of more than 25 professional journalists and technicians from various African countries who work together to serve the African audience, driven by passion to uncompromising journalism.

Dexterity Radio is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa and work closely with an extensive network of correspondents across the continent.

VISION: To be a Continental Media Platform harnessing One Africa, One Voice, One People with No Limits in all they do and No Boundaries to the possibilities that are available to all.

MISSION: To be a Pan African Radio that provides a common platform for African peoples to act as a voice in presenting their opinions, their concerns and aspirations wherever they are resident.

Dexterity Radio aims to support an Africa Rising and to empower African people by giving access to independent, trustworthy and relevant national, regional and international news, business, culture, sport, Sci-tech stories etc.

Dexterity Radio contents emanates from all the fifty four (54) African countries.  The Radio will endeavor to source all news and information relating to amongst others:

  1. Politics, Governance and Leadership
  2. Economic Issues
  3. Social Services
  4. Technology and Information Systems

Dexterity Radio; through the eyes of Africa, The best way to predict the future is to create it. Making tomorrow happen with relevant information and support system and structure is in our DNA.

That is why we at Dexterity pride ourselves in the re-engineering of how Africa is been perceived and what makes Africa a proud continent. We take pleasure in transforming the information we receive.

We strive to provide high quality information and policy updates, when it is quiet, we create and get the Africa Voice of reasoning to make a sound. Africa never stops, so is Dexterity Radio. There is an energy in Africa you will not find anywhere else in the world. We are proudly playing our part in making sure good information about Africa is heard and opportunities are presented to all.
No place like home for us at Dexterity Radio; celebrating Africa like never before, we move into action and capture every detail, engaging everyone and producing our rich Africa solution.

We are the Africa Voice of reason into the future, with a mindset of preserving our cultures and values for the next generation.

Africa is a land of lots of opportunities. A Station set aside for Africans in Diaspora; South Africa alone has 7.5 million foreigners and 2/3 of those are Africans according to report from Stats SA and Home Affairs South Africa. The need to start considering the Foreigners in South Africa drives Dexterity Radio. We are the voice for the people and this includes all Africans where about 200 Million Africans migrate to wherever  to find happiness or for adventures.

We have been quiet for too long and our stories, histories, struggles and values are now been swept under the carpet. Africa is a continent that is rising. But why can’t we hear what the Africans have to say, not only on African affairs, but on world affairs too? The demand for neutral News is unmet. There is a gap to fill. This is why we are launching Dexterity Radio to pioneer independent News from the African perspective and provide a fair play ground for all African countries to share their stories. A new journey starts for a fully-fledged African network whose unique mission is empowering people through independent and reliable information about Africans in the continent and those outside making Africa strong.

Dexterity Radio is Africa leading business and financial new digital radio channel/platform, providing a unique blend of international and Pan Africa business and economic news, making it essential tools for the African investor to feel the pulse of the market, creating a structural path in succeeding in the Africa-Global Market.

The Brand Tone and Manner

  • Quality – Fun
  • Self-sustaining – Uncensored
  • Black – Global
  • Stylish – Trendsetter Progressive
  • Cosmopolitan – Confident
  • Full of Attitude – Exclusive
  • No fear – ready to go all out

Playlist Genres

  • R&B
  • Hip Hop
  • House
  • DanceHall
  • Contemporary Africa Jazz
  • Gospel
  • All Africa Music


music, features and competitions


news, Africa information, sport, financial, and travel/tourism.


fundraising, sponsorships, events


Advertising platform


reflect the social, economic, developmental, fashion.

Top 12 African Countries with Dexterity Radio Listenership

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    South Africa

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Others are: Denmark | Great Britain | Australia |Italy | South Korea | Indonesia | Guyana | Austria | Finland |France |Thailand | United Arab Emirates
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Core Age Group: 28 – 55yrs

Secondary Age Group: 15-27 LSM 6+

Epicenter (yr.): 30 yr. old LSM

Contact Details

Website: www.dexterityradio.co.za

Email: info@dexterityradio.co.za

Call: +27113261161 / +27733107335

Address: 372/376 Oak Avenue Office Park, Randburg Johannesburg, South Africa.

Dexterity Radio Strengths Lie in Our Unique Programming

  • Business policies and politics | Business and tourism | African Matters | Alternative & Unique music shows
  • Multi-cultural programming | Documentaries (spoken word) | Africans and local productions
  • Africa Education | Entertainment and Lifestyle | Africa social responsibilities | Special interest shows
  • National and International news and sports coverage

Our purpose is to create long-term stakeholder and listenership value through the discovery, acquisition, development and marketing of information.

Dexterity radio is an information hub of Africa and strives to bring out all about Africa as we constantly keep up with news and information on the continent.

Dexterity Radio brings the YOU to the world and the world to the YOU.  Dexterity Radio will build a global understanding of international issues and broaden the audiences’ experience of different cultures.

We are broadcasters who bridge the gap for all and make them feel welcome in whatever country they find themselves and provide quality information for new travelers.

Dexterity Radio; No Limits, No Boundaries

Nowhere is too far for us to reach, no information too hard for us to get. We are committed to giving value on every minute on the broadcast.

The following links to stream live with Dexterity Radio has given us leverage among other radio station as simplicity is what we strive for.

Dexterity Radio: Proud Africa Voice for All Africans.

Dexterity Radio

No Limits No Boundaries

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