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(1) January 17 marks the forty-first anniversary of the brutal assassination of Patrice Lumumba. (2) He was the first and only elected Prime Minister of the Republic of Zaire – now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo. (3) He was assassinated a few months after DR Congo gained formal independence from Belgium. (4) It […]

Russian president claims Zimbabwe’s Emmerson Mnangagwa won a landslide victory in June 30, 2018 elections – the first post-Mugabe elections. The Russian leader made the remarks as he welcomed the visiting Zimbabwean president and his entourage at the Kremlin on Tuesday. In his words: Most recently, you won a landslide election victory. The people of […]

Somali lawmakers voted on Monday to allow the president to appoint a foreigner as governor of the central bank of the volatile Horn of Africa nation. Previously only a citizen could be appointed to the role as is the case across much of the continent. The vote was held in the lower house of the […]

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Ethiopia’s government took yet another step in its renewed fight against corruption, charging the former head of military-run industrial conglomerate METEC, nearly two months after his arrest. Kinfe Dagnew was on Thursday charged with four counts related to the procurement of tractors, said a judge at the Lideta High Court in Addis Ababa. He is the […]

The arrest of Manuel Chang at the request of US authorities was confirmed this morning at Kempton Park magistrates court, Johannesburg. The court rejected the claim by his lawyers that the US request was not a formal extradition warrant, but only a request to arrest and hold him pending the issue of the extradition warrant. […]

Pope Francis has commented on the DRC’s political situation calling on all stakeholders to do all it takes to ensure that there is peace at the end of the process. “I am with particular attention following the evolution of the situation in the DRC, expressing the wish that the country can regain the long overdue reconciliation,” his […]

Mozambique has indicted 18 citizens for their involvement in fraud involving $2 billion in loans to state-owned companies, the attorney general’s office (AGO) said on Monday, in a scandal that has ensnared two major international banks. “Mozambique AGO is indicting 18 defendants, (ranging) from public workers and other citizens, on charges of abuse of power, abuse of […]

Military officers in Gabon have seized the national radio station calling for the need for national restoration, the Reuters news agency reported on Monday. The soldiers also condemned the New Year speech delivered by President Ali Bongo Ondimba stating that they were disappointed with it. A New Year’s address by Bongo“reinforced doubts about the president’s […]

The U.S. military will withdraw hundreds of troops focused on counterterrorism operations in Africa over the next several years to support the Pentagon’s increased focus on countering threats from China and Russia, officials said on Thursday. Earlier this year, the U.S. military put countering China and Russia at the center of a new national defense […]

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