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In Mali, thousands of residents in Djenne took part in the annual Grand mosque plastering ceremony at the weekend. The plastering ceremony on the historic World Heritage city and one of the largest earthen monuments in the world, was completed at 9:00 GMT. The plastering is done with banco, which is a mixture of sand, water,shea […]

At least five people including a Senior Pastor have died following an attack on a protestant church in Burkina Faso, Sunday. Security and local reports say the attack took place in Silgadji, 60 km from Djibo, the capital of Soum province in the north of the country. “Unidentified armed individuals attacked the Silgadji Protestant Church, […]

Algeria needs to focus on avoiding economic instability during its political transition after the resignation of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, a senior official at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said. Jihad Azour, IMF’s Middle East and Central Asia director, also told Reuters the OPECmember should carry out reforms to help cut deficit and reduce reliance on oil […]

Audi’s flagship SUV has arrived to rival the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe and the Ingolstadt newcomer should at least win the novelty war for now, given that its rivals are at the tail end of their life cycles. But such novelty, and style if you’re into the way it looks, comes at a […]

Five soldiers were killed after Boko Haram militants attacked a military base in northeastern Nigeria, military sources reported on Monday. Members of the Islamic State Group in the West African Province (ISWAP), took the base of Mararrabar Kimba, in Borno State, 135 km from the regional capital, Maiduguri, on Friday. The insurgents seized the weapons […]

One month after Cyclone Idai killed 900 people across three countries, including Mozambique, here again is another Cyclone, Kenneth. Cyclone Kenneth has ‘entirely wiped out’ some villages in Mozambique. The Cyclone had made landfall on Thursday and one aid worker said it looked like areas had been ‘run over by a bulldozer’. More than 160,000 […]

Staff employed by the Durban Solid Waste overturned bins and strewn litter on the streets of the Durban city as they made their way to the city hall on Tuesday morning in protest over salary increases given to MK vets at the Water and Waste Department. Staff driving various waste removal trucks had made their […]

Allegations that a number of Mozambican survivors of the deadly Cyclone Idai – which claimed more than 1 000 lives and displaced tens of thousands in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique – were forced to have sex with community leaders in return for food are to be investigated by the United Nations (UN). Following a report […]

A high-tech gloves is changing the electronic music scene in the United Kingdom. It’s a revolution in the music business by British music tech start-up MI.MU. Sensors in the gloves measure movement in the hand, from the tiniest bend of a finger to the orientation of the wrist. Thus freeing up electronic music artists, the […]

As nearly 27 million South Africans prepare to vote in the general elections slated for May 8, it is uncertain how the country’s youth who count for the majority of registered voters will sway the polls. The voice of the youth is divided with a few maintaining confidence in the ruling party while most have […]

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