DS Dexterity International is a registered company based in Randburg operating in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province as well as globally where our services will be needed.

We provide a wide range of media productions which include but not limited to; Event recording such as weddings, corporate events, fashion shows, conferences and other social events for both audio and visual. We also offer Video Commercials, Television content production, Media presentation, Documentaries, Film/Musical Video productions and Animation.


DS Dexterity International is made up of a group of experts with several years of media production experience. These experts came together under the umbrella of the Dexterity International brand with these main objectives;

  • Entering, participating and becoming a significant player in the growing media production services.
  • To be a catalyst in the transferring of skills, knowledge and promoting events/media production and job creation.
  • To ensure that together with our client, we rise to uplift through knowledge, sharing and wealth creation.

Dexterity has gathered enough expertise to stand the test of time, create employment and grow the economy of the country.

Dexterity International uses a standard workflow process to ensure the ultimate success of each event. The systems that govern this process are modified according to the specific need and circumstance of each event and the client’s choice. We are committed to ensuring that all checks and balances are always in place, and accurate at all times.

Dexterity International boasts of sound levels of professional competence and experience. Our individual experience for delivery of quality service has earned us respect in the media industry and other countries such as Ghana, Nigeria and Lake Chad Republic. We are looking forward as we have our potential client coming from Botswana, Lesotho, and Zimbabwe etc. The successful delivery of events is confirmation of our readiness to tackle the media industry services with excellence and our aim is to put smile on our client’s faces.